The law requires forklift operators to undergo evaluation every 3 years. Let us show your employees the safe way to operate your
forklifts. Our experienced instructors will make sure your employees pass.  
We offer driver certification and certified safety training
courses for you and your employees as mandated by OSHA. (Class certification l, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII).  Our training program is
versatile and is delivered using a combination of lectures, conferences
, demonstrations, classroom discussions, written and oral
tests, and video demonstrations.    
  The ability to do a maintenance check is not required by OSHA, but is optional with our flexible program.  At the end of our
program your employees will be able to operate the vehicle safely and in compliance. Our certification can be conducted in
Spanish or English and is usually completed between 2-3 hours depending on the group size.    

Operator Training Program Overview:
  • Introduction
  • Types, Features, and Physics
  • Safety Video
  • Inspecting The Vehicle
  • Driving The Truck
  • Load Handling
  • LPG for Lift Trucks
  • Battery and Charging
  • Safety Concerns
  • Truck and Workplace Training/Hands-On
  • Certification of Completion
  • Written test
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schedule a class, please

call 714-829-8260 or
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Safety training for business:

** Because every workplace is different it is important for us to come to you.
Our certification course is done at your facility with your lift truck to ensure that
your employees use and operate the lift truck safely in the environment specific
to their workspace along with the general knowledge from the course.  

** Availability: Monday - Saturday with flexible hours

** Our course is on average 2 hours long but varies on group size

** Spanish classes are available
Safety training for individuals:

We currently have classes set up for individuals looking to get a certification mornings
6 days a week.  The class is typically around 2 hours long on a Class IV propane sit
down forklift. The individual should have prior experience with a forklift.  If the individual
passes they are given a wallet sized certification card that day. For more information
please call or email.
For more info or to schedule a class, please call 714-829-8260 or email
Classes starting at $95.00
Group rates apply.